Don’t worry about complicated setup with multiple tools. No code – and instant responses. Simply add the headlessforms attribute to point your form to our endpoint, and you’re done. Headless is a platform to receive form submissions, send auto response emails via a form on your website – without writing a backend. Perfect for WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages or any static site, integration to 1000s of Marketing Tools, Routing and Excel Download out of the box. It’s the form backend that will make your life as a developer a whole lot easier.

Seven Reasons to Use an Online Form Builder to Optimize your Site

If you’ve created a WordPress site, and perhaps even done a little HTML coding yourself, you’ll know that there are some tasks that are much easier to achieve than others. One thing you really don’t want to have to create yourself is an intake or contact form. Learn more on why Headlessforms is the leading […]
26 Apr 2023
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How to Prevent Spam Submissions with your Contact Form

You’ve created an intake form, and now you’re getting encouraging numbers of responses. It’s an exciting time for any small business, except… Many of the form submissions in your inbox are spam entries, completed by bots in an attempt to circumvent your security measures. These messages come from companies who somehow believe this is a […]
25 Apr 2023
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Tips and Tricks to Build a Lead Generation Form

Form creation is a subtle art. While they may look innocuous, well-designed forms are cleverly composed to secure as many submissions as possible. Particularly in the competitive world of sales prospecting, creating an inviting intake form is key to securing leads, validating, and ranking them. Get your design right and you’ve made the prospect do […]
20 Apr 2023
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5 Simple Steps to Create the Ultimate Intake or Contact Form

The more clients a business handles, the more important it is to provide a uniformly excellent service, so that good word of mouth spreads, and work keeps flowing in. One way to ensure consistency in service provision is to make sure clients can brief you as efficiently as possible. How do you achieve that? A […]
20 Apr 2023
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How a Form Builder can Optimize your Site and Generate Leads

In 2023 and beyond, data is king. In order to provide the best service for your customers, maximize revenue, differentiate your product from your competitors, and achieve growth, having up-to-date customer data at scale is vital. How vital is customer data? A 2021 Nielsen poll revealed that for 85%-86% of companies of all sizes, customer […]
27 Mar 2023
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Why It’s Better to Use a Dedicated Form Builder

Forms are the lifeblood of many businesses in terms of communicating directly with individual customers. And since the <form> tag was incorporated into HTML way back in 1995, it’s been theoretically possible for developers to implement forms in WordPress and other websites with relative ease. However, there are several major reasons NOT to take this […]
23 Mar 2023
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Steps to Improve your Business with a Web Form

Since Headlessforms makes it incredibly easy to construct a form for any purpose, this gives you more time to think about what your form is for, how to design it, and what data you need. In this article we’ll look at form design and construction, going back to first principles and working through all the […]
24 Feb 2023
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Why Do Businesses Need Form Builder Software?

You can have the best designed website in the world, but if there’s no way for potential customers to interact with you, then you are simply setting yourself up for failure. All sites need some sort of two-way interaction with their customer base, regardless of what format it takes. Online contact forms are the most […]
23 Feb 2023
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4 real-world examples of using Headlessforms to collect leads

Headlessforms makes it so easy to construct and place forms on your site that it’s worth looking at the several ways you can use them to generate leads. These range from simple contact forms to buttons you can use on social media posts or site pop-ups, which offer the form completer a special offer, discount […]
13 Feb 2023
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10 Tips to Build Forms on Headlessforms

For something so intrinsic to any online business, it’s surprising how many organizations’ online web forms prove more of a barrier to commerce than a tool for maximizing it. Badly designed forms which either don’t give you the information you need, are confusing or frustrating, or simply too long, can scare potential customers away. Online […]
07 Feb 2023
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