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Being flexible, user-friendly and scalable is usually the main focus of all of them. You need to determine what you need for the absolute project. Headlessforms is a form backend tool that bypasses the need for backend code or other infrastructure to enable online form creators to receive respondents’ submissions in real-time. You will probably need to combine and unite many tools and apps to keep and migrate the submissions for your long-term purposes. Design your form and set the endpoint you get in our backend. And all your data will be visible.

How Form Workflow Automation Improves the Experience for Everyone

Businesses often find themselves in a contrast process of workflow refinement, reducing the complexity, resistance, and points of friction along the journey to goal completion. This is certainly true regarding customer information submission and data capture forms – creating, deploying, managing, and monitoring these forms can result in a slow and laborious workflow. At Headlessforms, […]
14 Jun 2022
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