How Form Workflow Automation Improves the Experience for Everyone

Form Workflow Automation with Headlessforms

Businesses often find themselves in a contrast process of workflow refinement, reducing the complexity, resistance, and points of friction along the journey to goal completion. This is certainly true regarding customer information submission and data capture forms – creating, deploying, managing, and monitoring these forms can result in a slow and laborious workflow.

At Headlessforms, we recognized this problem and set out creating an automated workflow to support the entire process. From user-friendly development tools used to craft the form to software integration to facilitate effective management of data, Headlessforms achieves a far more intuitive and straightforward workflow. Of course, automation is at the heart of this.

How Headlessforms Workflow Automation Works

Headlessforms is designed to remove much of the manual input from data collection and management, resulting in a smooth and reliable workflow, from the point of data receipt to response management. By eliminating much of the labor associated with this process and replacing this labor with automated features, businesses of all sizes find themselves ready and able to leverage the data they receive from customers.

Collecting Form Responses

Once the form is deployed, it becomes a built-in feature of its parent website. Developers can copy the Headlessforms action= attribute from the platform’s dashboard and then insert this into the page’s code to direct responses straight to the Headlessforms endpoint. A dropdown within the form ensures that submissions reach the right teams and the right people.

Eliminating Spam

Set spam threshold values within the Headlessforms dashboard to filter suspicious responses, and verify your domain to ensure you are only receiving responses from legitimate locations. You’ll also be able to use Akismet set up to compare different response field values with the global spam database to further refine and enhance this protection.

Customizing Auto Responses

Use the platform to customize an automated response that will be sent to the form submitter. Select the email that the response will be sent from, and then add a subject line and email body that will be automatically sent following the submission.

Receiving Alerts Upon Submission

The platform can be configured so that support and admin teams receive automated alerts whenever a form is submitted. Use Headlessforms to set your rules for automatic alerts – for example, notifications following matches for defined form values, notifications when certain words are included or not included, or notifications when boxes are checked or unchecked.

Saving Form Submission Data

The Headlessforms solution saves all form submissions directly to our server – minus those that have been flagged as spam submissions. This may only be a small instance of automation, but it is an important one. In order to remain compliant with regulation, businesses must manage and store submission data in a reliable and secure manner, and the storage feature ensures this is the case.

Integrating with External Management Applications

Form submission workflow does not end when customer data is received. Businesses need to be able to wield this data and leverage the insights it provides. This will include scoring and nurturing leads, as well as learning more about the more intricate aspects of the user experience. Headlessforms offers automated functionality designed to support this important step in the process.

The platform integrates with Zapier and Webhook to send data directly to management solutions in real time – solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) apps and lead nurturing platforms, where data can be used to drive growth and revenue for the organization.

Workflow Automation Advantages

How does this workflow automation work across different use cases? Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of Headlessforms’ automated processes for admin, marketing, and support personnel, as well as for customers themselves.

For Developers

Developers love using Headlessforms for a number of reasons:

  • Powerful features provide functionality that would be difficult to achieve with coding from scratch.
  • Form responses are directed straight to the Headlessforms endpoint – all developers need to do is add the Headlessforms action= attribute to the form’s code.
  • Maintenance and adjustment are handled within the Headlessforms dashboard itself, eliminating more time-consuming and expensive coding processes. 

For Admin Teams

For admin teams, the streamlined, automated workflow provides a number of advantages:

  • Use automated features to direct form submissions to different admin email accounts, based on submission content. Configure the integration to send submission data through to Google Sheets and Slack for better management.
  • Access the Headlessforms backend remotely via the login, viewing form responses in a centralized location.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by auditing customer data on request, via the Headlessforms endpoint.

For Marketing Teams

Marketing teams also benefit significantly from the automated workflow:

  • Rely upon automated features to filter and dispose of spam responses, leaving marketing teams with only genuine and reliable submissions.
  • Integration with solutions like Zapier and Webhook makes data available to external management applications, such as your CRM platforms, so that lead nurturing actions can take place immediately.
  • The form automatically inherits the visual aspects of the parent website, helping marketers to ensure strong and consistent branding.

For Support Teams

Headlessforms’ automated workflows make the lives of support personnel much easier:

  • Customers find the Headlessforms solution to be simple and straightforward to use, minimizing the support required for customer and client users.
  • For businesses who manage the websites of clients, the solution also reduces the level of support required – the form can be crafted and deployed on these client websites with very little maintenance or monitoring required.

For Customers

The customer, client, or another end user is always a critical part of the website design and development equation. Automated workflows also support these users:

  • Headlessforms provides a great user experience with an easy-to-use form.
  • Submissions are managed automatically, accelerating the response time for customers seeking quotes or other interactions with staff.
  • Automated data transfer and integration ensures that client data is protected and secure at all times.

Discover More About Form Workflow Automation with Headlessforms

To learn more about how Headlessforms can revolutionize your user experience with automated workflows, reach out to our team. We are always ready to chat with you about the specifics of your project.

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