Webhooks Integration with Headlessforms

Webhooks give your applications the power to communicate with one another. Integrating this tool with Headlessforms supports automatic data transfer whenever your user fills out a form.

Webhooks are Zapier’s automated triggers, pushing data from one application to another. Integrating this
capability with your Headlessforms delivers a range of advantages:

  • Real-time data transfer – Data is transferred as soon as the action is triggered, and is received
  • Improved efficiency – Wasted data requests are eliminated; the transfer takes place as soon as the
    form is submitted.
  • Enhanced data accuracy – With no manual processes, there is no missing or erroneous data.
  • Broad flexibility – Support interaction with a range of different apps, offering exceptional versatility

Webhooks are designed with easy creation and integration in mind. Configure your desired interaction with
a simple process:

  1. Enter the Headlessforms Profile and create an API Token.
  2. Within the Overview or Setting menu in Headlessforms, find the desired Form Token.
  3. Open the Zapier App.
  4. Select New Submission and create the Webhook.
  5. Use the API Token from Step 1 and sign into Headlessforms.
  6. Input the Form Token from Step 2.
  7. Configure the desired interaction.

The process is now complete, and the completed form will automatically push data from the source application to the recipient.

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