Seven Reasons to Use an Online Form Builder to Optimize your Site

If you’ve created a WordPress site, and perhaps even done a little HTML coding yourself, you’ll know that there are some tasks that are much easier to achieve than others. One thing you really don’t want to have to create yourself is an intake or contact form.

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Why do you Need a Contact Form?

Perhaps you’re thinking, couldn’t I just have a contact email address and phone number for potential customers? Well, yes, you could. Studies have shown that people prefer to send an email than fill in an online contact form. They feel they have more control over the process. However, it isn’t always a good idea to give the customer exactly what they want.

(sharp intake of breath)

Let’s explain that radical statement! If you provide an email address and don’t use a contact form, here are the difficulties you’ll face:

  • A mountain of undifferentiated emails.
  • Many spam and irrelevant messages.
  • Possible malware and unwanted attachments.
  • No way of easily prioritizing messages.
  • Data received which is disordered or incomplete.
  • Data is unvalidated and full of errors (people mistype their own information).

Given the above difficulties, it pays to control the follow of inbound messages by using  a contact form. Here are some of the advantages of doing so:

  • You only receive the information you require.
  • Enquiries are streamlined, and easy to sort.
  • Malware and spam are minimized or blocked.
  • Entries can be validated, including email addresses.
  • You can mandate fields, to ensure you get minimum data.
  • Users are reassured that their message has been received.

Even though there may be a residual lack of trust for online contact forms, you can easily combat that hesitancy by ensuring the messaging around your form is reassuring and transparent.

What are the Benefits of Using an Online Form Builder?

Rather than attempting to create a contact form yourself, why not use a dedicated form builder like Headlessforms to ensure you create the perfect form? Here are some of the main reasons you should consider this approach:

  • Speed and Ease. First and foremost, it’s much easier to use a form builder to create the data fields and design options you need. Headlessforms uses a drag-and-drop interface that makes it straightforward to create the perfect layout without committing to the final design until you’re ready.
  • Data Validation. One vital aspect of a form builder is the ability to make fields mandatory and to validate, in real-time the data entered. In other words, fields requiring a numeric response will require the user to enter numbers only, and text fields can be limited by characters, to prevent excessively long messages. These are just a couple of the validation options that good form builders incorporate.
  • Optimized for all Formats. Your site visitors are as likely to encounter your business on their phones or tablets as on a desktop system. For some businesses, mobile form completion is the most important way of securing new prospects. By using a form builder which is truly multi-format, you can create a form which is pre-optimized for all type of input, whether that’s mouse clicks on a desktop, or finger taps on a phone.
  • Spam Reduction Features. One of the biggest issues in lead prospecting is the amount of spam you’ll invite. Bots are programmed to auto-complete form fields and submit dishonest forms in an attempt to spread their own advertising messages. Fortunately, the best online form builders provide measures like Google ReCAPTCHA and honeypot fields. The latter are hidden fields which human users don’t see, but which bots do, and are tricked into completing. These technological features thwart bots, or at the very least, identify and quarantine them.
  • Flexible Design. Need to make a sudden change to your form? That’s no problem with an online form builder, where you can simply reopen the design of a live form, return it to draft status, make the changes, then render it live once more. If you need to completely replace a form, you can draft one, then easily redirect the code snippet on your site to point to this new form. On Headlessforms, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Create Multiple Forms. Take advantage of multiple marketing campaigns, or A/B test creative ideas by creating multiple forms which different segments of your audience access. Using an online form builder, it’s easy to create multiple versions of a form, with subtly different designs, and then filter the resulting submissions into different inboxes.
  • End Point Support. When you use an online form builder, you’re not just getting a design tool. You’re also getting a cloud-based repository of your prospect and lead data, which helps with data storage, retrieval, and security. Best of all, the data can also be integrated into your own CRM, and automations can be set-up with Zapier, or webhooks, to speed up the process of replying to queries and validating leads.
  • Analytics and Reporting. With a platform like Headlessforms, you’re adding a powerful data dashboard to your inbox. You’ll be able to view, report upon, share, or download your data whenever you need it. Add or remove data access clearance with ease, so you can direct your customer service team as you like. That’s much better than simply opening a huge email inbox and dealing with the chaos!

Use Headlessforms to Systematize your Approach to Prospecting

With an online form builder like Headlessforms, you’re building an efficient and powerful sales pipeline from something as innocuous as a contact form. When site visitors give you their name and email address, you’ve been given permission to contact them and add them to your list of potential customers. That may seem obvious, but it’s worth re-stating.

And remember, these leads have already proactively completed your contact form – they want your company to provide them with a solution to a problem they are facing. In a sense, they have pre-validated themselves as prospects.

So get to work designing an optimized, well-written online contact form, and let Headlessforms do the rest.

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