Developing Streamlined Lead Generation Funnels with Form Solutions

For every business that has tasted success in the digital sphere, there is a development team working hard to make this happen. Creating websites, building customer-facing and internal software pieces, crafting applications that delight users with innovative functionality – you name it, developers have done it.

These days, however, the role of the developer is expanding. Now, not only is your development team engaged with lead generation and marketing teams – they are actively fulfilling their own roles within the sales funnel. To put it simply:

Lead generation, marketing and development are unified like never before.

So how do developers fulfill this expanded role? One of the most important factors is the development toolkit. Your teams need solutions that are going to make life easier for them – so they can, in turn, make life easier for leads as they streamline the lead generation funnel. Form solutions are key here.

Deploying Form Solutions to Optimize the Acquisition Funnel

The right form backend solution brings together the disciplines of development and marketing, ensuring these departments are integrated and working in harmony. Here’s how your business can benefit:

Remove Much of the Heavy Lifting from Coding

Your development team knows how to code and how create highly effective features and functions for your digital assets. But this doesn’t mean the coding process isn’t sometimes difficult or time-intensive. Solutions like Headlessforms can eliminate much of the additional work – particularly the repetitive tasks that slow the whole process down.

Headlessforms features ready-made code that is pasted directly into your content management system (CMS) interface. This code directs form responses through to the endpoint. While this doesn’t impact marketing and lead generation directly, it does remove many of the more complex aspects of coding, boosting efficiency for your developers as they craft forms to fit your acquisition funnel. Our users can reduce development time by up to 80% when using Headlessforms, resulting in a far more intuitive and efficient dev process.

Integrate with Auxiliary Tools and Solutions

Integration is a critical part of the modern development landscape. Just like your development team needs to integrate with your marketing and lead generation team, your development solutions need to integrate in the same way.

With Headlessforms, you will be able to integrate form development with marketing tools and platforms, ensuring that marketing teams have access to all the data these forms generate. And it makes it easy to switch from one marketing solution like Salesforce to another like HubSpot. Removing the Vendor Lock-in. Feeding form data directly into these platforms allows marketing teams to build-out customer personas, analyze interest trends and user behavior, and tweak the content of the form to make it more effective.

Manage Leads from a Centralized Location

Generating a lead is just one step on the path to conversion. These leads still need to be managed and nurtured, bringing them ever closer to a sale. This is why you need to store leads within a centralized digital space.

The Headlessforms attribute directs leads to a centralized storage console where they can be managed and assessed. Customer nurturing personnel can then carry out lead scoring, identifying which prospects are most likely to convert, and remove any irrelevant responses or spam. Automated cues can also flag spam inputs, further streamlining the process.

Receive Responses in Real-Time

Everything is accelerated in the digital landscape. Customers and leads have become more demanding, expecting swift follow-ups to inquiries and rapid delivery of products and services. Developers can support this by deploying a solution like Headlessforms – the interface delivers form responses and queries to the management platform in real-time, eliminating delays and streamlining the acquisition funnel.

Users can also set up immediate notifications in the Headlessforms settings. This means the work of developers actively achieves an efficient and effective set of lead generation practices. To put it simply:

  1. developers deploy Headlessforms on the business website,
  2. the customer leaves their response,
  3. the form delivers the response to the marketing team in real-time,
  4. and the solution provides a notification to alert marketers.

Inherit Branding for Your Forms

Branding has always been an important component of development operations. Developers need to ensure that the visual branding of digital assets – including all websites and applications – remains consistent, while also ensuring that all features align with business values and identity. This includes forms – they must retain the visual elements that your audience will recognize, while also displaying the convenience and ease of use that your users crave. While competitors such as EZ Form Calculator, Wuforms, and Formidable Forms offer visual editors, it can be difficult to accurately reflect the website’s branding when using these form tools.

Headlessforms is designed to achieve this alignment without the need for complex and time-consuming coding procedures. The solution works with the CSS language, inheriting this directly from your website to achieve seamless visual and functional consistency.

The result is a professional look for your forms; something your audience will respond well to.

Discover How Headlessforms Can Help You Achieve Streamlined Lead Generation

To find out more about how Headlessforms can streamline your lead generation and integrate development and marketing teams, reach out to our team. We are on hand to discuss the specifics of your business and your project.