Headlessforms and Zapier Integrations That Will Boost Your Productivity

Unlike other form builders, we created Headlessforms to help you turn those promising leads into converted customers in no time. Using Zapier for integrations, we’ve allowed for over 300 different destinations for your data, ranging from CRM databases to email systems to ad platforms.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is the glue that holds your workflow together. By incorporating Zapier into your systems, you can take the simple, high-performing forms created on Headlessforms and plug them efficiently into hundreds of other tools which make your work faster, simpler and better.

Zapier is a translator between the APIs of various systems, helping them to communicate their data quickly and easily. We’ve partnered with Zapier as the industry leader for non-native integration.

What are some of the integrations possible with Headlessforms?

Here are just a few of the integrations we’ve made possible:


  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Airtable
  • Zoho CRM


  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads


  • Google Sheets
  • Gmail
  • Calendly
  • Asana
  • Dropbox


  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Burst SMS
  • Trello
  • Google Chat


  • ActiveCampaign
  • Marketo
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact


  • Bamboo HR
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Recruitee

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Using Zapier, you can link your Headlessforms data to almost any tool you can think of. You’ll be converting those leads in no time at all, communicating with prospective employees, or answering client queries with ease.

Why Integrate with Headlessforms using Zapier?

Automation makes all the difference in modern business. The fewer actions done manually, the better. The gains you’ll make by integrating your Headlessforms contact form with the rest of your workflow are several:

  • Better accuracy – without lost data, or missed leads.
  • Timely response – impressing your prospects at the first point of contact.
  • Faster turnover of work – convert more leads per day.
  • Easier workflow – use the tools you’re familiar with.
  • More flexibility – integrate with several tools at once.
  • Quicker onboarding – use the most intuitive tools available.

When a lead first contacts you, you have a few precious hours in which to respond. Why not send them a Calendly invite for a demo, or respond with an introductory offer by email or SMS? Add them straight to your newsletter feed, or target them with a Google Ad. All these actions and many more are possible with Headlessforms’ integrations.

How to Use Zapier to Integrate with Headlessforms

Zapier works using “Zaps” which are automated triggers which fire as soon as a completed form is received. To set these up simply do the following:

  1. Go to your Headlessforms Profile and create an API Token
  2. Get a Form Token in Overview or Settings on Headlessforms
  3. Head to the Zapier App
  4. Set up a Trigger with “New Submission”
  5. Sign into Headlessforms with your API Token (see step 1)
  6. Enter the Form Token (see step 2)
  7. Setup your desired action

That’s it! The whole process should take a matter of minutes. Your Zap will automatically do the desired action for each new form it receives, according to whatever criteria you set.

What are the Best Productivity Boosting Apps you can Integrate with Headlessforms?

Here are just a few of the apps which could boost your productivity in 2023:


This hugely popular meeting scheduler can be used both within your organisation, and for scheduling sales calls or product demos. Your leads will receive a link to whatever time slots you make available, and they can book themselves in. You’ll get instant notification, and the app will send reminders and follow-up emails with further information. Never miss the chance to convert a lead.


Slack offers real-time messaging, so you’ll know if you’ve got a new response when you’re on the move, or otherwise busy. Search all your conversations for salient information, and easily communicate with your colleagues to decide next steps. You can create Channels on particular topics, and use emojis and icons for shorthand messaging.


This project management software is like an Excel spreadsheet on steroids! It’s a great way of tracking all your leads and contacts in one place, while keeping tabs on what stage each prospect has reached. It can be tricky to keep up with all the info you’ll receive from Headlessforms, but with Airtable, you’ll always be on top of your priorities. Airtable provides helpful triggers and reminders of approaching deadlines.


Asana is the number one G2-rated project management tool, with over 8000 user reviews. It’s not hard to see why. It’s easy to assign tasks, follow progress, and reward the achievement of milestones with handy gamification features. Customize your “My Tasks” view the way you want it and execute rules based on how you’d prefer to work. For both managers and employees alike, Asana makes complex workflows make sense.


Dropbox is the daddy of cloud-based storage systems, having been around since 2008! Put all your files in one place and sync them with all your devices so you can work anywhere, on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, or at your office desktop system. With hybrid working becoming the norm in modern business, Dropbox makes everything possible, and is very reasonably priced compared to other cloud storage servers.


When Adobe acquired Marketo in 2018, they added a powerhouse marketing tool to their impressive creative armoury. Marketo is now a suite of products including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce (for ecommerce) and Adobe Marketo Engage, which provides marketing automation. Plan, track, and monitor marketing campaigns targeted at the leads you generate on Headlessforms. Analytics and reporting are especially strong, with great content customization.


Now called the Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform, this beloved app has developed over 20+ years into a one stop shop for selling. It scores especially high for its intuitive interface, detailed analytics, and features for segmenting your audience and targeting subgroups of your leads. It also boasts an extensive email template library, saving you time composing responses. You can A/B test campaigns easily and map your customer journey to make sure you’re achieving those vital KPIs.


A simplified task management app, any.do can be used both for personal and work tasks. After all, modern life is complex, and you’ll be more productive at work if you’re more efficient out of it! Any.do can take those responses and integrate them into daily to do lists, making sure you’re always up to date with your workflow (and your groceries). It will track progress and send notifications, so that you miss nothing. Users love the clean and simple UI and drag-and-drop calendar function.


Something as simple as notetaking can be unnecessarily awkward in the digital workplace. Microsoft’s OneNote tool always ensures your notes and documents are readily accessible, so you can quickly respond to queries without losing your place. Share notes easily with other team members and take notes on the move which you can easily copy onto apps like Trello or Asana.


If you use email marketing campaigns a lot, then Sumo helps you quickly configure them, pull in data from your Headlessforms responses and target an audience. Sumo is really a family of apps including SendFox for content creators to quickly send their subscribers customized emails, and KingSumo, allowing you to create viral giveaways to drive new business. If your business model involves quick response and freemium offerings, this could be a great integration to use.


Why not use the world’s largest search engine to help target campaigns with pinpoint accuracy? The Google Ads platform helps you segment and target a potentially global audience to draw people to your site or win newsletter or demo sign-ups. It can be a little hit-and-miss to optimize, but once you’ve got it working, the world is at your fingertips. Recent news reports revealed that Google enjoyed almost 30% of ALL global digital ad spend in 2021.


As one of the best-known and best-loved project management suites, Trello is hard to beat. It’s simple, color-coded system makes it easier to see which tasks are assigned to which individual and what stage each is at. If you’re receiving a high volume of contact form responses, Trello can help you assign and track workload across a team. Trello has over 13,000 reviews on G2, and with up to 1000 users per board, it works for enterprise level companies and SMBs alike.

Choose Headlessforms for Fully Integrated Workflow

By partnering with Zapier, Headlessforms permits thousands of different ways of working, so that simple, easy to complete online form becomes just the first step in a successful business strategy.

Choose a workflow that works for you, secure in the knowledge that your existing tech stack can easily be integrated with Headlessforms.

We also connect workflow via Webhooks, providing customizable call-backs when people interact with your form, and pushing data between apps.

Headlessforms is the simplest, most effective solution to helping your customers contact you; with Zapier, that becomes the first step in a lucrative journey!

To discover more about how this works for your business, reach out to our team.