Headlessforms platform is designed to integrate with other tools. This gives companies the freedom to pick and mix capabilities that are for their needs, It ensures data is fully auditable and accessible on request while also supporting security audits to make sure all requirements are fully adhered to. When deploying Headlessforms, you will gain access to a Data Processing Agreement that forms part of your terms and conditions. These agreements are required under international regulation codes, including GDPR.

How Form Workflow Automation Improves the Experience for Everyone

Businesses often find themselves in a contrast process of workflow refinement, reducing the complexity, resistance, and points of friction along the journey to goal completion. This is certainly true regarding customer information submission and data capture forms – creating, deploying, managing, and monitoring these forms can result in a slow and laborious workflow. At Headlessforms, […]
14 Jun 2022
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Developing Streamlined Lead Generation Funnels with Form Solutions

For every business that has tasted success in the digital sphere, there is a development team working hard to make this happen. Creating websites, building customer-facing and internal software pieces, crafting applications that delight users with innovative functionality – you name it, developers have done it. These days, however, the role of the developer is […]
05 May 2022
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